Frequently Asked Questions

I've gotten a lot of questions over the years. Many of them are asked pretty often, which is why I created this page! If you have another question that you don't see on this page, feel free to email me.


What kind of tools/software do you use for your art?
Clip Studio Paint with an Intuos Bamboo CTH-480 tablet for drawing, and Photoscape for any final edits!
When will you open commissions again?
I'm not sure, but I always make a post on all my social media sites before opening commissions!
Is there a way to support your work without commissioning you?
I have a Ko-fi if you'd like to donate! Otherwise, you can support me by blogging/retweeting my artwork (Tumblr/Twitter) or sharing this website!
Are you open for art trades/requests?
Due to my limited time, I cannot take any more art trades or requests! I might take suggestions if they are related to my current interests, but that is a big "might".
Can I use your art for icons/headers/banners?
Definitely! As long as it's fanart (excluding gift art and commissions) and you give proper c redit, such as providing a link back to any of my socials. The only thing I ask is that you don't use art that contain any of my own characters, fan or original!
Can I trace your work?
Sure, but only if it's for practice! All I ask is that you don't post it publicly.
Can I draw fanart of your characters?
Absolutely! <3 All I ask is that you don't draw anything NSFW or fetish-related.
Any chance you'll draw ______ again?
It's not likely if it's something I haven't drawn in a while since my interests tend to fluctuate a lot.


Have you watched/played/heard of ______?
Maybe, or maybe not! I'd rather not be asked these kinds of questions!
What do you think of ______?
I probably won't know enough to give an opinion, I'm sorry! Ho2ever, if you have a question related to a current or previous interest, then ask away!


Where does the name "Bechno Kid" come from?
My sister and her friend group came up with several nicknames for themselves. As a lonely middle-schooler, I always wanted a cool name. I originally went with "Techno Kid" but somewhere along the way, I went with "Bechno Kid".
What does "Bechno" mean?
It doesn't really mean anything! It's a word I made up, but I think it sounds pretty neat!