I originally had these stamps in the "Graphics" page, but since the collection is getting pretty large, I decided to put them on a separate page! All stamps that I collected link back to their original creators!

Stamps I Made

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessDoctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessi frew upDoctor StrangeDoctor StrangeDoctor StrangeDoctor StrangeDoctor OctopusDoctor OctopusDoctor OctopusAltair from Re:CreatorsAltair from Re:CreatorsNeo Metal Sonic x Breezie

Stamps I Collected


Snowy Assassin YukikiWe are number one!Made in the 90sCopper(Cu) and Tellurium(Te). Cute! I love chemistry jokes.I love everything cute! Though, what I consider to be cute is up for debate.Life is ok!Pantone StardustPink is my favourite colourTrigun fan. LOVE AND PEACE!!I am a sensitive personPink Pikachuv a p o r w a v eneon buildingsPink handheld consolesSoul EaterI <3 when people draw my charactersClaude FaustusVaccines are for our own goodIt's ok to ask for helpSakuraPink confetti with starsProtect LGBTQIA+ KidsSaying men shouldn't cry is SEXISTLGBT pereson who DOES NOT hate cis/straight peoplePro-choiceLittle progress is better than no progressI am: Gay, Occupation: GayPop Team EpicSoundI <3 Strawberry PockyPokemonDon't make your kids pay rentWash your handsKeep your smoke away from usI love donutsArt makes me...MSA: DeadbeatsRescuers Down Under: MarahuteI <3 cerealI <3 fruitsKirbyTaiko no TatsujinEmolgaMONEY MONEY MONEYSacrificial WednesdaysKindness changes livesDon't be afraid to be intelligentSometimes I'm just inactiveI'ts ok to cryJust keep...VaporwaveStrawberry IceKitty cryPink snowflakeYEETSonic the HedgehogGamecubeADHD awarenessGood VibesPastel pink EggmanJojo's Bizarre AdventureIt is a mysteryLegend of ZeldaDon't forget to eatStrawberry milkYou are more than your mistakesSgt. FrogKururuLinebeck fanMediEvilRayman stampKyojuro Rengoku stampMary-Sue Safe ZoneMake people feel good about themselvesVenus flytrapIt's okay to be unsure of your sexualityLove letterCyberspaceYou are validWinter snowI am strong, I can do thisField of pink flowersJonathan JoestarThere is no key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyoneCrayonsPastel rainbowPromiseCrying is OKTelephone pole with a pink sunsetDon't be so hard on yourselfPink hearts falllingINTJIt's SPHERICALGreat Mouse DetectiveTreasure Planet aka the best Disney movie everThe King of Hyrule from the Zelda CD-i games saying, "MAH BOI"Shut your Meowth!I love Animal Crossing!Hello KittyCan't sleep, too gayAlways tiredA stamp depicting the moonI love PokémonA simple strawberryJunji Ito fanHouseki no KuniA stamp with a top view of a glass of strawberry milk with a red-and-white striped straw"Triggered" jokes will never be funnyA stamp depicting a cute and simplified drawing of strawberriesCaddicarusGiovanni from PokémonLucky CharmsLord, give me the courage to change what I can in life, the power to endure what I cannot change, and the wisdom to know the differenceBlue waves against a pink skyPink beachesTV with a floating DVD logoThinger StrangsUpdating Windows sucksCSS for a stampStamp missingFrames are actually an important tool and you should feel good about using them if they work for your purpose. They aren't obsolete, they're accessible for amateur webmasters. :)Maybe you should make your own website. Cool.


CronaDonutsRainbowVaporwavePink waterPoogie loveCherry blossomsMental healthI'm glad that I met yousmol beanPetty drama is funnyI love black cats!
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