Thank you for stopping by my page! Listed below are a few websites that I believe are super cool, super helpful, or both!

Neocities Neighbors

Out-of-Town Sites

Favorite sites found outside Neocities!

Memory Lane

Some old sites I used to visit when I was younger!


Network of fanlistings to join.





Button to the Ichigo Directory
Quite possibly the largest catalog of adorable pixel sites I've seen!
Button to Engram Pixel on Tumblr
A collection of adorable pixels and emoji on Tumblr!


Sites that provide tons of tutorials, tips, and resources on making a site, perfect for beginners and experts alike!
Sites that provide free layouts and other goods!


Button to EZGif: Animated GIFs Made Easy
Free toolset used for creating and editing animated GIFs. Has lots of other features!
Button to
Graphics generator for creating logos.
  • waifu2x - Site that can upscale any image up to 2x with little to no quality loss.
  • Become a Compression Sorcerer - Neonaut's guide for compressing images to optimize your site.
  • cleanEdge - A pixel art upscaling algorithm that ensures pixel art will look nice even after rotating and upscaling it.