Ava "Avalypuff"
April 4, 2009 - October 26, 2022

Ava, also known as Avalypuff, was a Border-Collie mix, the first dog that my wife Sam called hers. I came into her life in 2018 when I moved in with Sam and Dan. I never liked dogs and was often scared of them, but I loved that rascal. She was an old dog, but she still welcomed me into the family with her frequent smiles (that were usually followed by adorable sneezes).

She collapsed on our kitchen floor on October 26th, and I was 45 minutes away at work, with no way to come home since Sam had driven me to work that morning. I couldn't be there for her, but thankfully she wasn't alone. Sam was at home and Dan immediately came home from work. They took care of her the whole time, even when she was at the hospital.

I'll never forget when Sam called me, telling me that our fears had happened. There was a ruptured tumor that had encompassed her entire spleen, and the blood was filling her abdomen. Our only choices were to put her through surgery where she might not make it or live for, at most, another 3 months, or a euthanization. We all decided that she didn't deserve to suffer, and that it would be better to have her put down instead.

I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you, Ava. Even though I told you how much I loved and how good of a dog you were over the phone, I wish I could have been there for you. You weren't even my dog, but you sure made me feel like it. I'll miss you, you old rascal. I hope you're celebrating up in heaven, and I hope I'll see you again when the time comes.

I love you, Ava.

Header image of Ava

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