The Webmaster's Strange Story

Well, hi! This is basically where I'll talk a little about myself and how this fanpage came to be.

My name is Bechno Kid. I am over 30 years old and am currently working full-time as a software programmer. I can't say I am a huge comic book fan since I'm not too fond of being attached to one story only for it to end and be rebooted again. I've dabbled into DC and Marvel every now and then, but that was only because I wanted to look for specific characters I liked.

1) First Exposure

I had my brief interest in Spider-Man in 2004 after watching Spider-Man 2. I mostly wanted to learn about Doctor Octopus, but I remember seeing Doctor Strange after reading a few comics.

I didn't have a good first impression of the doctor, sadly. He never really stuck out to me as an interesting character despite his namesake. I wasn't too fond of the "spandex-and-cape" look that many superheroes had. Plus, he talked like a typical sorcerer like, "IT IS I, DOCTOR STRANGE!" and I just...wasn't into that haha.

Sheldon comic strip for May 11, 2008 - What else will Marvel Comics make?
Sheldon comic strip for May 11, 2008 - "What else will Marvel Comics make?"

2) MCU Beginnings...or Not

Fast-forward to 2016 when I heard that Doctor Strange was going to be part of the MCU, and that he was going to be played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

I remember my friend at the time showing interest in watching the movie, but I did not have any interest in watching it after hearing about Stephen's mentor being whitewashed when we already have so little Asian representation that doesn't resort to using stereotypes. (I learned that the producer realized this mistake years later, which is nice!) I also just wasn't into Benedict Cumberbatch. I recognized his skills as an actor, but with the SuperWhoLock Tumblr craze still being prominent at the time, I was tired of seeing his face.

3) First Movie Watched

Fast forward to May 2022 when I saw Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in theaters. I actually only watched it because I just happened to finish Wandavision and I thought, "Oh hey! I might not actually be confused in this one!" I still got confused, but I enjoyed the story and Stephen's character, being pleasantly surprised at how he actually talked like an actual normal person.

Just like with Captain America, Marvel Studios did a great job translating this character into a modern setting while keeping a few of his signature characteristics from the comic books, such as his dark hair and grey streaks, his blue robes, and his long flowing cloak (but without the ridiculously high collar lol).

4) The Fated Cruise

In August 2022, I embarked on a Disney Magic Cruise with my parents and my sister. While onboard the ship, I noticed one of the cruise's numerous theaters was playing Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. I remembered how much I enjoyed the movie and proceeded to watch it...five times. To say I got hooked is an understatement. I also got to watch the 2016 film in the room where me and my sister stayed in. After watching those two films, I had this unsatiable desire to learn more about the sorcerer. While we were touring throughout Norway, I often found myself reading his wiki article on my phone while trying my best to save as much data as possible.

But that didn't stop there!

After returning home to my spouses, I made it a personal goal to watch all of the MCU films that he appeared in. Thankfully, my husband already had Infinity War, Endgame, and No Way Home, so we watched those films as well as the 2016 film and Multiverse of Madness on Disney+. I even managed to drag my wife into the madness, where we started shipping Stephen with the Cloak of Levitation (don't judge us!)

I had been drawing art of him for a while, but it wasn't until the end of November 2022 did I finally decide to make a shrine dedicated to him, and here we are! I also have a collection which you can find at the Collections page.

5) Conclusion

Thanks for reading this far! I honestly didn't expect a comic superhero to become a super-interest of mine, but that's just unpredictable life is! I guess you can say I have a "Strange" addiction now, heh heh.

As someone who switches hyperfixations at the drop of a hat, I really hope that this one lasts for a long time!