All of the art featured here is already in my main site, but I'd like to put them here to keep things organized! Please enjoy!


I wanted to draw Stephen doing the iconic "SHEEH" pose, but I couldn't draw just one Stephen! I might have some of the names wrong for the universes, but I tried!

  • Doctor Strange
  • Defender Strange (Multiverse of Madness)
  • Doctor Strange Supreme (What If...?)
  • Supreme Strange (Multiverse of Madness)
  • Sinister Strange (Multiverse of Madness)
  • Zombie Strange (Multiverse of Madness)

fighting evil by moonlight

Character: Doctor Strange

You ever heard of that dating sim where a sorcerer gets to date his own cloak-turned-human? 😳

Characters: Cloak of Levitation (gijinka), Doctor Strange

I can't even begin to tell you how much crème brûlée I ate during my vacation. It was great!

Character: Doctor Strange Supreme (Marvel's What If..?)

In one of Linkara's older videos about Doctor Strange, he points out that Stephen is not only the Master of the Mystic Arts, but he's also the Master of "Blinking in Photographs" (at around 4:42). I laughed so hard at this that I had to draw it out afdsljg

Characters: America Chavez, Wong, Doctor Strange

"...We'll both stare at you and see what the deal is."

Another drawing inspired by the same video by Linkara! (at around 6:27)

Characters: Green-suited man, cloaked figure in chains (Strange Tales #110), Doctor Strange

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I know that actors aren't characters and vice versa, but I couldn't NOT draw this after learning that Cumberbatch can't stay "penguin".

Characters: Doctor Strange, Cloak of Levitation (gijinka), America Chavez

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14-year-old wants to hang out with her cool big bro!

Or father figure! Whichever one floats your boat. :3 I personally like to think of him as someone who's pretty good with kids. Perhaps to make up for a tragic loss...?

The last image of 2022, and it's a special collab between me and my wife, Sam! We were talking about collabs Gudetama had with other franchises like Monster Hunter, and we thought it would be funny if there was a Doctor Strange x Gudetama collab. She drew the sketch and I did the lines and colors!

Character: Doctor Strange

I've really enjoyed Stephen's character in Fall Sunrise! Not only is he endearingly confused 100% of the time, he's also immensely pretty. Like...bishounen pretty. I love it. Can't wait to see how the story progresses!

Character: Doctor Strange

Strangetober 2022

They're in love, your honor!

Characters: Doctor Strange, Cloak of Levitation (gijinka)

I was practicing some dynamic-ish poses in this one!

Character: Doctor Strange

I designed Cloak to have a nice butt, but it's hard showing it off with his robes. Thank goodness for this meme!

Characters: Doctor Strange, Cloak of Levitation (gijinka)

Somewhere in another universe, Stephen is popular enough to have his own ice cream!

Characters: Doctor Strange, America Chavez (offscreen)

Somewhere out there is a universe where Popuko is Wong, and Pipimi is Doctor Strange. Wild.

Characters: Pipimi, Popuko (Pop Team Epic)

A lot of people in StrangeTwitter just don't like the movie, and I don't get why? I might never know lol.

Character: Cloak of Levitation (gijinka, Doctor Strange)

I think I'll stay away from StrangeTwitter. I see nothing but lukewarm takes...

Character: Cloak of Levitation (gijinka, Doctor Strange)

If most universes have free food, then there is surely one that has "Bachelor Chow"!

Character: Doctor Strange

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This mostly started as an inside joke, but I hope you guys still find this a little funny! :3

Characters: Doctor Strange, Captain America

Sam and I noticed that the Cloak of Levitation's lining has a bird pattern!! So, I had to draw this out. Huge thanks to her for helping me draw the little birdies!

Characters: Cloak of Levitation (gijinka), Doctor Strange

I sent Sam an emoji and she gave me the idea to redraw it with these two!

Characters: Doctor Strange, Cloak of Levitation (gijinka)

This may or may not be inspired by a certain fic that my wife Sam is working on. :3cccc

Characters: Doctor Strange, Cloak of Levitation

I was inspired by this adorable little picture book "Spider-Man's Very Strange Day"!

Characters: Doctor Strange, Cloak of Levitation (gijinka)

Some habits die hard! :3

Characters: Doctor Strange, Cloak of Levitation (gijinka)

First time freehanding perspective (aka not using a reference when I probably should have lol)! I wasn't sure if I would be able to invoke a cozy feeling, but I hope I did! :3

Characters: Cloak of Levitation (gijinka), Doctor Strange

It's totally normal to dance with your clothes, right?

Characters: Cloak of Levitation, Doctor Strange

"We're all trying to figure out how to change you back, but...we never thought to ask whether or not you even want to."

Characters: Cloak of Levitation (gijinka), Doctor Strange

It's tough being Stephen. (at least he has Cloak!) Once again based on Linkara's video about Strange's comic origins!

Characters: Doctor Strange, Cloak of Levitation

Love can come in many forms, such as wrapping your Sorcerer like a sushi roll!

Characters: Doctor Strange, Cloak of Levitation

The last few days were rough, but my feelings for these two will always be soft <3< /p>

Characters: Doctor Strange, Cloak of Levitation (gijinka)

Comic!Stephen isn't too popular at the "Stephens Anonymous" meeting.

  • Doctor Strange (comics)
  • Defender Strange
  • Sinister Strange
  • Strange Supreme ("What If...?")
  • Doctor Strange MCU)
  • Supreme Strange/838 Stephen

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Happy Halloween!

Characters: America Chavez, Doctor Strange, Cloak of Levitation (gijinka)

Doctor Strange Appreciation Event (Nov 4th - Nov 18th)

Favorite Male Character || Doctor Stephen Strange, M.D., Ph.D.

It's been ages since a main character has become a comfort character of mine!

Favorite Female Character || America Chavez

I don't ever wish to have kids, but look at this daughter!! I hope we get to see more interactions between her and Stephen. I love that she's basically become his little sister!

Favorite Location || New York Sanctum, the Undercroft

Why the basement undercroft? It's filled to the brim with items that speak a thousand words about the current and previous masters of the Sanctum! So far, we've seen a miniature model of the Sanctum, various board games, Stephen's university hoodies and goatee templates, and Christmas decorations stored in the ceiling! Who knows what other goodies we might have missed??

Favorite Power || Transmutation (Butterflies)

I just think those butterflies are neat!

Favorite Secondary Character || Wong, Sorcerer Supreme

As much as I love Stephen, it's been so much fun seeing Wong's numerous cameos! He's the Sorcerer Supreme we all deserve. :3

Favorite Scene || Peter Visits the Sanctum

Stephen in casual clothes, being salty that he's not Sorcerer Supreme, and also being a cool uncle to Peter. Yeah, this was a cool scene. B)

Favorite Dynamic || Stephen Strange & The Cloak of Levitation

I was originally going to draw a scene with Cloak as well…a cloak, but I decided to be self-indulgent for this one. :'3

(Inspired by this image!)

Favorite Outfit || Stephen's Robes from MoM

The text above him reads:
  • "Eye of Agamotto lines up with amulets. +20 for consistency!"
  • "Classic pattern that is more prominent but not too tacky! More red to match with Cloak, too! +40 for style!"
  • "Leather arm bands match belt! +10 for matching colors!"
  • "Solid black boots with a nice pattern! +20 for coolness!"
  • "Belt has been simplified but still looks very cool! +10 for simplicity!"

Favorite MCU Appearance || Thor: Ragnorok

Stephen had like…four whole minutes of screentime, but he made the MOST out of them!!

Fun fact: my wife drew those unicorns! :3

Favorite Villain || Sinister Strange

I love how Stephen's psyche is so fragile that, in another universe, even after saving countless lives, one event would make him snap, and that's honestly so terrifying.

Favorite Fight Scene || Stephen Strange vs. Sinister Strange

I think this fight is such a nice callback to Stephen's interest in music! Plus, IT LOOKS SO FREAKING COOL!

Happy Birthday, Stephen Strange!

I'm a little late on this one, but I had to draw something special for Stephen's birthday! Huge thanks to doctorstrangedaily on Tumblr for hosting the appreciation event this year! I'll definitely go back to reblog others' entries when I have time. :3

Getting into Doctor Strange in late August is one of the best things to ever happen this year, and I couldn't be happier. <3