I Helped Design Another Mystery Skulls T-Shirt! | 03 Dec, 2022

MysteryBen, the creator and lead animator of "Mystery Skulls", recently released his Patreon post for November and revealed two new T-shirt designs, one of them being one I provided art for!

Image of a T-shirt design of Lewis from the Tumblr Sexyman Tournament
"Guess I'll die...again."

For those who aren't involved in Tumblr and Twitter (I see you folks with your anti-TTT buttons lol), this particular shirt design is based off of series of Twitter polls called the "2022 Tumblr Sexyman Tournament", where voters would vote on their favorite "Tumblr Sexyman" (WARNING: there is a flashing GIF in that link).

Spoiler alert, Sans (the small skeleton from Undertale) won the tournament by doing absolutely nothing! /pos

Our dear poltegiest, Lewis Pepper, also participated in the tournament, but unfortunate placed last. That's ok, though. He'll always be the "Tumblr Sexyman" of my heart. :3

If you'd like a rundown of how the tournament went, there's actually a hilarious video "Pro Artists Animated the Tumblr Sexyman Tournament", where MysteryBen provided the art for Lewis's entry. It's definitely worth a watch if you're bored :3

Fast forward to a couple of months after the video aired. MysteryBen comes into my DMs and asks if I'd be willing to draw something to poke fun at celebrate Lewis's place in the tournament. Being an avid lover of memes, I immediately accepted. I sadly cannot do typography to save my life, so many thanks to Ben for letting me just draw the art!

More details about when and where to buy the shirts will be revealed in the near future for the upcoming holidays, and you can bet your dollar that I'll buy one for myself, too!

You might have noticed from the title that this isn't the first t-shirt I helped design. :3

Image of a T-shirt design of Murdery Mystery and Reverb

This was another shirt I drew last year in August 2021 that also went on sale for the holidays. Unfortunately, preorders are closed and I'm not sure when they'll open again, but hopefully they'll open again for this year! It's one of my favorite shirts!

Kressent Rhodes, one of the co-creators of the Mystery Skulls series, asked me to draw a design featuring "Murder Mystery", a corrupted version of Mystery, and "Reverb", the main antagonist of "Mystery Skulls Animated", whose appearance is still a mystery to everyone!

I remember really wanting to do it, but was unsure if time would allow me. I knew that I might not get another opportunity like this, so I threw caution to the wind and accepted it! I had an absolute blast drawing the whole thing out. I was very nervous about the process since I had never designed something exclusively for shirts, so it was a new experience for me.

Thankfully, Kressent was extremely patient and understanding, helping me through the whole process! One fun fact about this shirt that I don't think anyone noticed yet is that I designed this to have a diamond shape in mind, reflecting Mystery's dog tag. :3 This is the first time I'm mentioning this anywhere, hehe.

That's it for now, have a good day everyone!

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