Disability Pride Month | 21 Jul 2023

I learned that this month is Disability Pride Month!

Stamp with a pixel flag for Disability Pride Month. Links to a Tumblr user that made the original stamp.

I'm very behind on events like these, but I'm always happy to learn about them, regardless! It especially means a lot as someone who is neurodivergent and taking medication for their anxiety. I've thought of getting a diagnosis to see if I'm autistic or have ADHD, but I've ultimately decided that...eh, I don't need it. It's not like being any one of those has a hinderance on my daily life. Like...sure, I have a few sensitivities to loud and repetitive noises, I can't touch certain fabrics without getting overwhelmed, and I don't understand a lot of social cues, but these are things that I am lucky enough to endure.

I do have other reasons for not wanting to get a diagnosis, but I'm not comfortable in sharing them lol.

Speaking of Disability Pride Month, I couldn't help but notice that not a lot of people here on Neocities are putting enough effort into making their sites more accessible to other users. Not to call anyone out, but it is especially surprising to see fellow ND webmasters who put hoards of blinking/flashing graphics without using a library to freeze those images, or even provide a warning.

Don't even get me started on the nearly unreadable font and eyestraining colors that some sites use, good gravy!! I completely understand wanting to make a pretty website, but I think it'd be great if more people made an effort to make their sites with disabled people in mind, but it's just a thought!

I'm kind of guilty myself, but I'm always open for feedback on improving my site to make it more accessible. The first step I want to take is to add more alt text to images. I've made a good habit about adding alt text to every image I've posted recently, but I know there are a few that don't have alt text, and it's a matter of finding them lol. I'll keep trying!

In other unrelated news, I didn't realize that it has been a year since this site has been founded!! Not only that, but the site recently reached 200k views! This is based on Neocities's own statistics, and lord knows how accurate it is. However, I do know that I don't visit my site very often, so I'm relieved knowing that most of the views aren't from me...at least not entirely lol. Either way, thank you everyone!

I hope that this site continues to be a place where users can visit again and again. :)

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