Nighty - Night~

May 26 2023

First part

My parents brought me to what was supposed to be a special mass at church. However, it was actually a ceremony for an arranged marriage that I certainly didn't agree to. I was immediately upset and refused to proceed with the ceremoney. My parents tried to explain that the groom was rich and had a salary that I won't specify here becuase it was very close to what I was making.

I angrily argued back, "I have that exact salary!! And I'm already married!! and I'm gay!!"

There were tons of gasps from the crowd, and then I ran away.


Second part

I had an urge to draw in a notebook, but I didn't have any blank ones available, so I decided to look through my older notebooks. After looking through a few, I saw a bunch of comics an art of OCs that I don't remember ever drawing.

Two were a duo of guards. One was buff and had a purple color scheme, and the other was thinner and had a yellow color scheme. I suddenly felt inspired to draw them again, but before I could I woke up.

I still do vaguely remember how they looked, so maybe I could try drawing them!

May 24 2023

My dog Nix wasn't eating his food even though we bought him the most extravagant dog food available. One even had kibbles that looked like nacho chips! Frustrated, I gently shoved his face into his dog bowl of food and said, "Eat it!" Sam saw this and was visibly upset.

I'm not actually mad at Nix, so it was weird doing something so drastic.

Dream logic, am I right? xD

Mar. 31 2023

I was visiting my parents for the week, and I was helping my dad clean up some papers. It was from organizing those papers that I found out that he had actually hit this poor girl with his car and, even worse, had repeatedly neglected to help pay for the girl's medical bills. I remember getting super mad at my dad for being irresponsible, especially since the girl had actually written some personal letters to my dad and sounded like the sweetest girl ever. I took it upon myself to take care of the payments as well as write a very VERY long letter of apology to the victim. I woke up before resolving it.

Feb. 19 2023

It was one of those dreams where it felt like I was watching a movie and was also in the movie's world at the same time. There was a race taking place where participants brought their handmade remote-controlled toy cars. It was a race where the racers had to run with their toy cars, so it was nearly a cross-country race. The protagonist team consisted of only three people who were victims of bullying. They eventually get more teammates to form a full team of misfits. Their toy car gets upgraded throughout the race, eventually turning into a human-sized mecha. It was pretty cool!

Jan. 7 2023

I was playing Scarlet and I landed in an unfamiliar rocky area with a lot of Gastly and Snorunts. I found 3 shiny Gastlys and 3 shiny Snorunts at the same time! It seemed too good to be true...and then I woke up lol

Jan. 4 2023

I'm literally writing out what I wrote in my diary, which is so weird because I can't remember writing any of this at all lol, but here goes!

I was playing MediEvil and there was a rhythm game portion in it despite the game being a hack-and-slash. Sir Daniel also had this new ability where he would kiss enemies to regain some HP.

Dream switches to me being at D*sneyland and the mouse was held captive somewhere. Guests eventually found him by pulling him out of the floorboards as Pete was still holding onto his ankles. For some reason, Tails and Amy were there, having joined the bad guys in order to get some money.

Dec. 21 2022

I can't remember much of it, but all I remember was screaming at my mom and telling her that I hated her. My mom and I had a lot of misunderstandings in the past, but I don't hate her at all.

Dec. 14 2022

My sister was visiting our house for the weekend, and I woke up with my hair being a lot shorter and got super confused. I look in the bathroom and my sister walks in saying, "Hey Bec! I noticed your hair kept getting in your face while you were sleeping, so I went and cut it for you!" I was so shocked and angry about losing my hair without my knowledge that I kicked her out of the house and sent her to a nearby hotel. I paid for her room.

Nov. 29 2022

I saw Spamton in a kid's TV show, and I remember being like, "Whoa, I wonder how they portrayed him!" From what I can remember, it was basically a detective who is helping Spamton get back on his feet. It was kind of like the human/cartoon dynamic from that old 90s cartoon "Bonkers".

Nov. 13 2022

The Avengers were righting some bad guys in a warehouse! I remember being sad that I couldn't see Doctor Strange, but I got to see him at the end, yay!

Nov. 11 2022

I apparently suffered burns throughout my entire body, so I had to wrap myself up in bandages while my mom was trying to find a cure for me. We were in outer space looking around in other treatment centers only to be turned away because they "didn't take Earthlings". I got better!

Oct. 12 2022

There was a young girl who looked like Alice from "Alice in Wonderland", and she was...trying to take one of Sinister Strange's desks? He looked pretty confused about this weird girl wanting his desk, but she kept insisting he trade it with some of her possessions, saying "If he's not going to use it, then it'd be a waste!" She made a good point, but...?

Oct. 8 2022

I was on another Disney, but this time there were mostly Marvel characters. I hear there is an actual cruise that's just Marvel characters (I think it's called "Marvel at Sea"?), but EITHER WAY, I got to see Doctor Strange and talk to him a bit! I forgot what we talked about, but I was super glad to see him :3333

Sep. 25 2022

It was a pretty scary dream this time around. The city where I'm living in was ravaged by a realy bad storm. The roads were completely broken and flooded to the point that my spouses and I had to take boat to D.C. to find some shelter. I was trying to contact my parents with my phone but it was at like 1% and I didn't bring a charger with me in my panic. So, I couldn't contact them to let them know how I was doing. I was able to wake up, but oh man...that was scary!

Sep. 24 2022

I had a long series of dreams, but one that stood out to me was that I was riding a bicycle and was easily able to pop a wheelie. I can barely ride on my own in real life lol. Another thing I particularly remember was that I was still in collage despite having graduated in 2017. There was a guy that was suffering a major panic attack, and I brought him over to the nurse's office. However, the nurses were completely dismissive, and I called them out for not doing their jobs. I felt pretty proud of myself, but I wasn't sure why I dreamt it.

Sep. 22 2022

Nothing like starting off a dream diary than to mention that I had a dream about Doctor Strange. I don't remember much more after that, but it was pretty cool. B)