Frequently Asked Questions

I've gotten a lot of questions over the years. Many of them are asked pretty often, which is why I created this page! If you have another question that you don't see on this page, feel free to email me.


Where does the name "Bechno Kid" come from?
My sister and her friend group came up with several nicknames for themselves. As a lonely middle-schooler, I always wanted a cool name. I originally went with "Techno Kid" but somewhere along the way, I went with "Bechno Kid".
What does "Bechno" mean?
It doesn't really mean anything! It's a word I made up, but I think it sounds pretty neat!


What kind of tools/software do you use for your art?
Clip Studio Paint with an Intuos Bamboo CTH-480 tablet for drawing, and Photoscape for any final edits!
When will you open commissions again?
I'm not sure, but I always make a post on all my social media sites before opening commissions!
Is there a way to support your work without commissioning you?
I have a Ko-fi if you'd like to donate! Otherwise, you can support me by blogging/retweeting my artwork (Tumblr/Twitter) or sharing this website!
Are you open for art trades/requests?
Due to my limited time, I cannot take any more art trades or requests! I might take suggestions if they are related to my current interests, but that is a big "might".
Can I use your art for icons/headers/banners?
Definitely! As long as it's fanart (excluding gift art and commissions) and you give proper c redit, such as providing a link back to any of my socials. The only thing I ask is that you don't use art that contain any of my own characters, fan or original!
Can I trace your work?
Sure, but only if it's for practice! All I ask is that you don't post it publicly.
Can I draw fanart of your characters?
Absolutely! <3 All I ask is that you don't draw anything NSFW or fetish-related.
Any chance you'll draw ______ again?
It's not likely if it's something I haven't drawn in a while since my interests tend to fluctuate a lot.


Have you watched/played/heard of ______?
Maybe, or maybe not! I'd rather not be asked these kinds of questions!
What do you think of ______?
I probably won't know enough to give an opinion, I'm sorry! However, if you have a question related to a current or previous interest, then ask away!
Are you a proshipper or an anti?
-shrugs- I'm not a fan of a lot of things that people consider to be problematic (incest, noncon, power imbalance, etc.). In fact, those topics make me extremely uncomfortable. However, I don't go out of my way to look for artists/writers to harass or send death threats to. The most I would do is report someone, but that's only if they are actively hurting people (i.e. grooming or abusing minors).
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