Pretty much any graphics you can think of will go here! There's also a stamp collection over here!

Graphics I Collected

Toy Box

This is the only toy I will ever need. I guess you could say he's...a little Strange.

Wee Strange


I survived the 2018 Tumblr apocalypse...just barely, though.There are no bad hair days on the Internet.Paywalls gatekeep knowledgeTake a chill pillI love Auron (FFX) so much <33Asexuals now!Hello KittyBelieve in the radical power of friendshipNichijouSONIC ADVANTURE 2 BATTLEkris where tf are weI need a nap now!pokemon KROMERI LIKE COMPUTERgraphic design is my passionI survived y2kCaramelldansenButtons now!Forever onlineYou were diagnosed with GAYSubmas: Subway MastersPortalCompanion CubeCalne-ca

Web Badges

(Found at Web Badges World)

Aquarius404 not found80x15 button addictAndrogynousAsexualAutumnBad in LatinBen and Jerry'sCandy addictCheezburgerCoffee addictCoffee poweredFebruaryFirefox90% GeekGive bloodGoldfishMmm gumboHello KittyHomoHot TopicI Love AnimeLove me for meLove-poweredMathMeow Mix!Night coderNintendoNo smokingPrideSin: AngerSonicSquare EnixStaying up!TamagotchiWhite mageWindowsWinterZelda


Don't post your triggers publicly oh my god!!!Wear your maskBlack lives matterChild Abuse PreventionDrink water
I <3 Antique ShopsArtistWell butter my butt and call me a biscuitI NEED Coffee!Dial-Up SUCKS!Don't Like it?Addicted to GraphicsHugs...Not DrugsHTML JunkieI <3 Japanese FoodMean GirlsY' know like...nya?Peace and quietThen perishPink addictI believe in you, PlutoPumpkin TimeRespect OthersI Need Sleep! T..i..m..e.Let it snow!I <3 Thrift StoresI need more time!I love ChristmasYou crack me up!Love alwaysSweet!Sending you my loveJust peachyWhen in doubt, take a nap!Hello KittyThank youAttracted to shiny objectsi <3 anime!I love rosesHappy!VaccinatedSoup enjoyerYou killed my father. Prepare to die!Don't label meI love snow!!!I hate doing laundryERROR 404 Blinkie not foundHearts in a rowSILLY!!!I love pinkI love winter100% computer GEEKI'm so glad we clicked!Ouchie!Gotta lotta blinkiesCtrl + Alt + DelSmoking sucksNight personLove is UniversalJinkies!!! It's blinkies!Mad scientistBlinkie BlonkieMug collectorIntrovertSCIENCE!VaporwaveGotta go fastROFLMAOKuchipatchi!!!I love applesEnjoy life to its fullestGhostbustersGone GOLD fishin'!Pink! Pink!.....I <3 Pink!Okey dokey lokey artichokey!Play nice!Typos! Who needs backspace?Romantic at heartProgrammerCrustaceanBe kind...Rewind!Splatoon 3: Team GearSplatoon 3: Team SourI love Mudkip!7.8/10 too much waterBack to the FutureFuecocoI miss my wife, Tails. I miss her a lot. I'll be backOreo