Pretty much any graphics you can think of will go here! There's also a stamp collection over here!

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Graphics I Made


Made from scratch

Doctor Strange sprite blinkie

Generated from and MyBlinkie

Blinky that says 'Bootleg girl'Blinky that says 'Caffeine!!!'Blinky that says 'All ace, no grace'Blinky that says 'tummy ache survivor'Blinky that says '2spoopy4me'Blinky that says 'I love my wife and husband!'Blinky that says 'Okey dokey lokey artichokey!'


Button that reads 'Monster Hunter now!'<3 Aiden<3 LeaTa-daMalzeno wing flapsMalzeno walking tasty!Hunter's Guide to Fighting Monsters<3 HandlerBIRD UPCOMING DOWN LIKE PRECIPITATIONDanger pickleDeviljho danceDeviljho dances with meat

Graphics I Collected

88x31 Buttons

I survived the 2018 Tumblr apocalypse...just barely, though.There are no bad hair days on the Internet.Paywalls gatekeep knowledgeTake a chill pillI love Auron (FFX) so much <33Asexuals now!Hello KittyBelieve in the radical power of friendshipNichijouSONIC ADVENTURE 2 BATTLEkris where tf are weI need a nap now!pokemon KROMERI LIKE COMPUTERgraphic design is my passionI survived y2kCaramelldansenButtons now!Forever onlineYou were diagnosed with GAYSubmas: Subway MastersPortalCompanion CubeCalne-caLovablePop Team Epic: 'Are you upset?'SplatoonSplatoon 2Splatoon 3Splatoon: Salmon RunSplatoon: Krak-OnKingdom HeartsSplatoon 2: Octo ExpansionThe Owl HouseKeyboardCSS is difficultLGBTQIA+ RightsWindows XPRewind to Windows XPAnimal Crossing Bells Now!Animal Crossing Camofrog Now!Animal Crossing Cousteau Now!Animal Crossing Drift Now!Animal Crossing Diva Now!Animal Crossing Henry Now!Animal Crossing Jeremiah Now!Animal Crossing Lily Now!Animal Crossing Raddle Now!Animal Crossing Puddles Now!Animal Crossing Wart Jr. Now!I know it's dark, I'm scared too. Is it ok if I walk with you? You don't have to walk alone.Jesus kissed men... (It's true!)Hey you! Wear a mask, now!

Web Badges

(Found at Web Badges World)

Aquarius404 not found80x15 button addictAndrogynousAsexualAutumnBad in LatinBen and Jerry'sCandy addictCheezburgerCoffee addictCoffee poweredFebruaryFirefox90% GeekGive bloodGoldfishMmm gumboHello KittyHomoHot TopicI Love AnimeLove me for meLove-poweredMathMeow Mix!Night coderNintendoNo smokingPrideSin: AngerSonicSquare EnixStaying up!TamagotchiWhite mageWindowsWinterZelda


Don't post your triggers publicly oh my god!!!Wear your maskBlack lives matterChild Abuse PreventionDrink waterStand with UkrainePlease stop smokingYou can't ban abortion, you can only ban SAFE abortionHugs...Not DrugsPractice safe sexDo what makes you happy!Demand equality
I <3 Antique ShopsArtistWell butter my butt and call me a biscuitI NEED Coffee!Dial-Up SUCKS!Addicted to GraphicsHTML Junkiegod dammit kris, where the hell are we?Y' know like...nya?Peace and quietThen perishPink addictI believe in you, PlutoPumpkin TimeRespect OthersI Need Sleep!Even though this is just a stupid blinky, you are still squinting to read itI <3 Thrift StoresI need more time!I love ChristmasYou crack me up!Love alwaysSweet!Sending you my loveJust peachyWhen in doubt, take a nap!Hello KittyThank youAttracted to shiny objectsi <3 anime!I love rosesHappy!VaccinatedSoup enjoyerYou killed my father. Prepare to die!Don't label meI love snow!!!I hate doing laundryERROR 404 Blinkie not foundHearts in a rowSILLY!!!I love pinkI love winter100% computer GEEKI'm so glad we clicked!Ouchie!CaddicarusCtrl + Alt + DelNight personLove is UniversalJinkies!!! It's blinkies!Mad scientistBlinkie BlonkieMug collectorIntrovertSCIENCE!VaporwaveGotta go fastROFLMAOKuchipatchi!!!Enjoy life to its fullestGhostbustersGone GOLD fishin'!Pink! Pink!.....I <3 Pink!Typos! Who needs backspace?Romantic at heartProgrammerCrustaceanBe kind...Rewind!Splatoon 3: Team GearSplatoon 3: Team SourI love Mudkip!7.8/10 too much waterBack to the FutureFuecocoI miss my wife, Tails. I miss her a lot. I'll be backOreoI voted for Cecil from Night Vale for the Tumblr Sexyman TournamentTeam White Chocolate for February 2023's SplatfestI support drawing in classI love ice creamTri-Slosher UserOh worm?Big Man fanTeam FireMystery SkullsCool beansDon't eat crayonsBlog sweet blogTeam Bigfoot from Splatoon 3Team Power from Splatoon 3Hello Kitty
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